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The Stock Market, Your Portfolio & Your Emotions Thumbnail

The Stock Market, Your Portfolio & Your Emotions

Monday, March 16, 2020, ended up being the second worst day in the 124 year history of the markets, based on the percentage decreases of around 10-12%. The worst day in stock market history was October 19, 1987 where the market dropped by over 22% in one day. While yesterday was a very small loss compared to that disturbing day in 1987, it was still a day that most of us will remember for a very long time.

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Coronavirus and your Portfolio Thumbnail

Coronavirus and your Portfolio

With the coronavirus originating in December, 2019 we currently stand at about 110,000 cases of coronavirus spread over 95 countries and nearly 4,000 deaths. The most important role the team here at Custom Wealth Management can serve for you during this time is to consistently provide you with any information and support to ensure you stay on track with your finances.

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Coronavirus and Market Update Thumbnail

Coronavirus and Market Update

In recent days, we have seen a sell off in the global equity markets fueled by the recent spike in new coronavirus, now referred to as COCID-19, cases outside of China. During these times we like to step back, survey the landscape and evaluate those things we know about the situation as well as those things we don’t know...[Read More]

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Tax Loss Harvesting Thumbnail

Tax Loss Harvesting

The gist of tax loss harvesting is realizing investment losses to offset investment gains or earned income. While that seems fairly straightforward, is anything really ever straightforward when it comes to the government and its tax laws?

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