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2021 Q1 Quarterly Commentary Thumbnail

2021 Q1 Quarterly Commentary

In writing our Q1 Market Commentary last year, it was in the midst of a 15-day nationwide, or almost nationwide, lockdown in an attempt to “flatten the curve.” We had experienced a 34% decline in the S&P, we were just starting to get our bearings in the new Work From Home world and we here at CWM we were hard at work rebalancing portfolios to take advantage of tax loss harvesting while positioning for what was anticipated. [Read/Watch More]

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2020 Q3 Commentary Thumbnail

2020 Q3 Commentary

Starting off with the economy, as many predicted and even more hoped for, Q3 had a strong bounce back, better than most expected. It is widely forecasted that we will see a 19.1% gain in GDP. Some believe that this may even be conservative, with several predictions for GDP growth that are closer to 30% {Read More}

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2020 Q2 Quarterly Commentary Thumbnail

2020 Q2 Quarterly Commentary

Thinking back to the first quarter of 2020 not only does it seem a lifetime ago but our world looked almost unrecognizable compared to today. In the first few weeks of Q2 we began to realize the extent that a once unknown virus in the countryside of China would have on the world at large.

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2019 Q3 Commentary Thumbnail

2019 Q3 Commentary

We have had a chance to digest all the numbers from Q3 and one thing jumped out to us. You may have seen reports that corporate earnings had beat estimates, which for many is a sign of a strong and growing economy...[Read More]

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