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What Compound Interest Is & Why You Needed To Utilize It Yesterday Thumbnail

What Compound Interest Is & Why You Needed To Utilize It Yesterday

Well, compound interest is like a really great sourdough starter. The initial amount is like what you put in, and the beautiful effervescent bubbles that come with time is how the interest works for you over time. Perhaps this baking analogy falls a little flat (sorry, I had to). In that case, let’s consider the following few examples of compounding interest, and why it’s still better late than never to utilize it.

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2020 Q3 Commentary Thumbnail

2020 Q3 Commentary

Starting off with the economy, as many predicted and even more hoped for, Q3 had a strong bounce back, better than most expected. It is widely forecasted that we will see a 19.1% gain in GDP. Some believe that this may even be conservative, with several predictions for GDP growth that are closer to 30% {Read More}

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Should You Refinance Your Mortgage? Thumbnail

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

If you're thinking about refinancing your mortgage, know that while there are great reasons to do so, there are almost as many equally bad reasons to do so. That said, it often always depends on your unique situation, spending habits and goals.

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Pandemic Scams - Watch Out For These Thumbnail

Pandemic Scams - Watch Out For These

We’re months deep into the pandemic that has rocked the entire world. Unfortunately, there are those who would take advantage of this vulnerable time. Keep the following things in mind and protect yourself, your family and your financial well-being. Here are some of the pandemic scams to watch out for, and some general tips to protect yourself from financial scams in general.

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Borrowing Money - 3 Warning Signs To Know When To Back Out Thumbnail

Borrowing Money - 3 Warning Signs To Know When To Back Out

When cash flow is tight, we may be tempted to push our credit limits up a bit higher or open new lines of credit all together. New York state benefits from certain consumer protections, but sometimes, nefarious "lenders" slip through the cracks, looking to prey on the vulnerable. With digital media making it very easy to seem like a legitimate company with a long history and all the "right" certifications, even the most savvy can fall victim to a scam. In fact, with so much of our financial life going virtual (with online banking, online buying, even online lending*) it's easier than ever to pull one over your eyes. But, don't worry. There are very clear warning signs that you can keep in mind when shopping around for loans, and we hope they'll help you.

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