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Borrowing Money - 3 Warning Signs To Know When To Back Out Thumbnail

Borrowing Money - 3 Warning Signs To Know When To Back Out

When cash flow is tight, we may be tempted to push our credit limits up a bit higher or open new lines of credit all together. New York state benefits from certain consumer protections, but sometimes, nefarious "lenders" slip through the cracks, looking to prey on the vulnerable. With digital media making it very easy to seem like a legitimate company with a long history and all the "right" certifications, even the most savvy can fall victim to a scam. In fact, with so much of our financial life going virtual (with online banking, online buying, even online lending*) it's easier than ever to pull one over your eyes. But, don't worry. There are very clear warning signs that you can keep in mind when shopping around for loans, and we hope they'll help you.

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The Difference Between a HSA and FSA - Part 1 Thumbnail

The Difference Between a HSA and FSA - Part 1

Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's) have different uses and qualifications, but the most considerable variation between them is based on who technically "owns" the account, you or your employer. Let's take a good look at the major differences between the FSA and HSA and what their qualifications are, respectively, in Part 1 of our series on savings accounts.

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Digital Asset Management Tips [Part 2] Thumbnail

Digital Asset Management Tips [Part 2]

If you’ve been lost in your own online stuff and have had to reset your password more times than you’d like to admit, now’s the time to overhaul and organize your online life! Here are 3 tried and true tips about online organization.

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Digital Asset Management Tips [Part 1] Thumbnail

Digital Asset Management Tips [Part 1]

The digital space is constantly changing. What was once trend and viral yesterday quickly gets replaced in a matter of weeks (or even days). Depending on your generation, you may not give too much thought to your digital life and how it should be managed in terms of your financial planning strategy.

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Estate Planning 101 Thumbnail

Estate Planning 101

Having an estate plan will protect your beneficiaries, reduce the chance of family tension and it could even spare your heirs from significant tax implications. Here is a quick review of what estate planning is, what you should consider in your estate plan, and what can happen without having an estate plan in place.

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