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Equity Asset Classes Thumbnail

Equity Asset Classes

Because investing is WAYYYY to broad of a topic for one blog post, we’re breaking it down and just covering equity classes in this post. Equity assets are generally broken down by three methods: growth vs. value, location, and market-cap.

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Financial Independence Thumbnail

Financial Independence

You'll never be financially independent (and that’s a GOOD thing!) – you’ll use money to take those dream vacations; you may give some to your children and grandchildren when you pass; you’ll always have to use it in some form or fashion, so you’ll want to have a plan for it.

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Small Business Retirement Benefits Thumbnail

Small Business Retirement Benefits

Perhaps your business began as a one (wo)man shop and you were successful enough to expand, or maybe you had employees from the get-go. Either way, one of your small business owner ‘hats’ is to provide a plan for both you and your employees’ retirements, while also doing what’s in the best interest of the company.

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Solopreneur Retirement Benefits Thumbnail

Solopreneur Retirement Benefits

Being a one (wo)man shop is more challenging than you anticipated, but you’re loving every minute of being your own boss and the freedom it allows. However, you can’t neglect your “boss duties” of yourself – retirement planning. It’s easy to get so caught up in the now of your business that you forget to plan for the future of you. But that’s why you’re reading this article – to see what your options are and how you can best plan for your future.

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