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Finanical New Year Resolutions Thumbnail

Finanical New Year Resolutions

I’m not intending to encourage outlandish and unrealistic goals, I am taking advantage of the magic that fills the air with the coming of a new year and giving you that little nudge to dream (financially) bigger.

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2019 Q3 Commentary Thumbnail

2019 Q3 Commentary

We have had a chance to digest all the numbers from Q3 and one thing jumped out to us. You may have seen reports that corporate earnings had beat estimates, which for many is a sign of a strong and growing economy...[Read More]

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Holiday Spending Thumbnail

Holiday Spending

Nearly $1,300. That’s the average amount PwC is predicting consumers will spend this holiday season on gifts, travel and entertainment. And while it’s perfectly fine if you don’t bat an eye at spending $1,300 (or more), what I’m hoping is that you’ve got it factored into your financial plan.

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