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Career-Driven Individuals

You’ve Built Up Your Wealth, We’ll Help You Retain It

When we say “career-driven” individuals, we’re talking about hard working, high-net-worth construction company owners, dentists, doctors and anyone in between seeking the best path toward a sound financial future. Our Custom Wealth Architect™ can help protect what you’ve already earned while preparing for what lies ahead.

Phase One: Foundational Dialogue

We begin with a meeting to capture your personal and financial goals and identify obstacles and opportunities. We come prepared to this meeting with information about us and information all about you. By the end of this meeting, we want to have an initial idea of what your objectives are, your level of satisfaction in various parts of your financial life and access to key documents such as your:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Investment statements
  • Tax returns

Phase Two: The Strategic Blueprint

Phase Three: The Goals Navigator

Phase Four: The Solutions Activator

Phase Five: The Custom Wealth Inspection

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