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401(k) Fiduciary

Let’s Make a Concrete Plan for Your Company’s 401K

Whether you’re at the beginning stages of developing your business or decades down the line, managing your group retirement plans can be intimidating. For small and medium-sized businesses, we’re here to prepare you in protecting your employees’ futures. Nonprofits, we’re here for you too.

Phase One: Opportunity Analysis

Our analysis starts with understanding your objectives as the plan sponsor. From there, we identify areas of the plan that do not match these objectives or might otherwise be an area we can improve upon. In presenting our analysis we also go through any issues we’ve uncovered such as unsuitable or poor quality of investment options, unreasonable expenses or lack of service. Our goal through the analysis is to lay the foundation to a more personalized retirement plan that fits the needs of your company and its employees.

Phase Two: Marketplace Insights

Phase Three: Plan Implementation

Phase Four: Continuous Review

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