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Staying Safe On Social Media Thumbnail

Staying Safe On Social Media

If you think that social media is a harmless tool for connecting with people, then perhaps it might surprise you to learn about “Russia’s Social Media War on America”. Far from fear-mongering, this is a very real threat that exists all the way at the top. And while you may not work for the DOD, your information is very valuable to hackers. The wealthier you are, the bigger potential target you are. The forms used to hijack your information may vary, from malware to impersonation.

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Internet Safety Part 2 - Devices, Browsing & Your Identity Thumbnail

Internet Safety Part 2 - Devices, Browsing & Your Identity

We must navigate the internet environment with sound information to prevent our information from becoming vulnerable to serious problems. From personal computers to social media accounts, please read on for the steps to take to insure that you close all your open doors that attract unwelcome (and even unknown) use of your information.

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